So I'm mostly playing baritones these days and I've been using a D'Addario 12-60 pack on my 28" scale guitars in drop A. The third string (G) is a .020 and it's un-wound which is exactly what I want, but I would like to put a set of heavier strings on because 12-60 is a bit too light for drop A.

I have another baritone with a set of 13-62 which plays great, but I can't stand the wound .026 G string. going from .020 to .026 wound it too big of a jump and I can't reach some of the bends that I used to. I also don't want to have to buy individual strings.

So does anyone know of an off-the-shelf pack that has roughly the sizes 13, 17, 24 (not wound), 36, 46, 62? I've been searching for months now and I can't find any non-wound strings over 0.20.
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I don't know any sets. You can always swap out with singles, though.

This may be an option for you. Use a tension calculator to design your perfect set and then order from here.

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I had a pack of Ernie Ball Slinky Titanium RPS that had a 24 plain in it. I don't remember the size of the set but It just happened that I didn't use that string for some reason and I found it last nite going thru my big bin of single strings.
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