Hey y'all, I've got a quick question and hope some of you can help. I am trying to sell a guitar i have, a Martin HD-35 651233, i think it's a '97 or '98. I was wondering if anyone could say how much i should ask for it or if someone could point me in the direction of somewhere that could tell me how much. It's barely used and in great condition, no marks or scratches that i've been able to find. Thanks!
It depends a bit on your location. In the UK they sell new for about 1,900 GBP but guitars don't retain their value very well in this country so a used guitar, even in near perfect condition isn't going to fetch more than a thousand pounds and will probably only bring in around 800.

I'm not sure what they sell for in the US but would guess it's around $2,000 new and they won't fall in value as much so you could probably get 1,200 - $1500 if it's in good shape
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in the u.s. they sell new for between $2800 and $3000. a used HD-35 sold earlier this month for $1,646.15 on ebay and another one failed to sell for $2,150.00 - it didn't even get any bids.
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