Sorry for party rockinIMEAN posting a new thread, but I looked around UG forums and didn't find any such threads relating to my question (if it's buried under a thousand posts, I ain't diggin it up)

But does anyone have recommendations for good, solid tuning heads that don't slip all the time? I'm using a Schecter Hellraiser, and the tuners aren't SHOT, but they ARE starting to remind me of my first guitar, a squier strat *shudders* what with how they've been behaving, especially the G. To be fair, it might have to do with the 13-65 gauge sets I'm in love with using, and don't intend to come back from, but the neck is fine, the guitar is fine, the tuning heads are leaving a LOT to be desired in tuning retention though. I use reasonable tunings for these gauges I think, (CGCFAD, A#GCFAD, AGCFAD)

So any suggestions for decent tuning heads that don't slip and/or are locking or etc...?
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come on, Schallers, Hipshots, Grovers, somebody must have an informed opinion/experience on what's a good tuning head set for a hardtail string-thru, I can't find any reviews about locking tuning heads any where, and I'm reluctant to just buy the mid-to-highest priced ones I see without at least a little input. I'm kinda leaning towards the Schallers. Should I just assume any set of locking tuners are pretty great, and a step up from the stock grovers?
Schallers are fine. Get 18:1 ratio, they seem to be more stable
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