So I have been struggling with getting my jerry Cantrell sig Crybaby to sound good in front of my Peavey Valveking 100 watt head.
I have put it at the beginning of the chain, the end, middle were ever, and it always sounds weak and doesn't seem to do much on the downward sweep. I have boosted it,compressed it,distorted it, I have spent long periods of time messing with this thing with tears of frustration pouring out my GASy heart.
Tonight I decided to put the Wah all alone in the effects loop and for the first time it sounds great, with full audible sweep and lush wah sounds,which from what I've read is odd and typically not done.
I don't like using the effects loop on the Valveking because it tends to get noisy,but it seems I will have no choice this time.
My question is has anyone experienced something similar with Cantrell wah and valve king? Is I the the Wah that doesn't go well in front of other tube amps, or is it the pre amp of the Valveking that is having trouble dealing with the wah signal?
I am hoping to get a Dual Rectifier this summer and I am wondering if I should think about getting another wah. Or if this is strictly a problem of my currant amp.
Any experience with something like this would be appreciated.
You using any other effects with the Valveking besides the wah? Was the overall cable length running to+from the wah drastically altered when you made the change?

I just replaced some pedals on my chain and was wondering where the Cantrell should go in my new rig. If it doesn't mess with my tuner accuracy I'm even considering going straig from my guitar to the wah so it can sit next to my pedalboard without me having to run several long cables back and forth

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Initially I was using it at the beginning of a rather long chain, but even all by itself it sounded weak, for a while I thought it might be broken. I've tried it again this morning to make sure I was not having some kind of psychotic episode, and still much better though the effects loop. I suspect it is the Valveking amp head.
Tom Morello has his wah in the FX loop What sounds good sounds good. Personally I quite enjoy my Cantrell Wah in front of my Pod X3.
Ok it must be the amp then because if anyone called what I'm hearing with it in front, "good" there is something wrong.
Try plugging it alone into the front of the amp.

Also make sure to manipulate the knob.

EDIT: I also forgot to mention, there is no buffer or bypass for this wah, so it can suck A LOT of top end out of your signal.
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