Quick question. Where to do I need to plug the left side (click) in to? Is it straight into the Mixer XLR to XLR? Which is what I thought it would be, but then what's the output source from the mixer to go to the drummers headphones?

Setup atm

The backing track comes out fine, but we tried having a smaller mixer going from the di box Left side into a smaller mixer by the drummer so he could control the volume, but couldnt get the click to come thru (Unless we had that bit connected wrong)
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You need to take the click out through an auxillary send and into a headphone amp. If your mixer doesn't have auxillary sends you'll have to use a monitor out. If i has no monitor output, you're shit outa luck really. You'd need to run a mono FoH mix and send the other side to him. Not really a desirable solution. A bit Mickey Mouse.
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