I had an idea to start a thread where we could just share some music
that features guitar playing that we personally think is inspirational, influential, interesting, whatever. Once linking us to the tune, it will be really cool to hear what you have to say on a particular part or aspect of the piece of music. The whole idea is to create an open mind towards all different types of music and to begin appreciating the music for not only what it is, but to learn how a person has been influenced by it as well.
Sweet. I hope you understand.

I'll kick it off with a track by this amazing dude:


I really love the intro to this tune. I feel there is just that right amount of dissonance to make it interesting,
but there is almost an easy-listening quality to it as well.
I've attempted to use this effect in my own writing.
For example, in one of the songs I have written I use an EM7 followed by a D#7,
incorporating that semitone apart vibe ya know?

Add the really dynamic strumming, like a wave from loud to quiet and back up again,
the playing flows so smoothly, so delicate yet sincere.
I also dig how this part brings us swiftly into the first verse,
yet it feels like nothing was left out.

So yeah, that's my first attempt at a random idea.
I'd love to hear what you've got to say. (: