I'm looking for the best quality acoustic electric guitar. I've been playing for nearly two years. What is the best bang for your buck, rich sounding, comfortable, acoustic-electric guitar on the market. I want to spend no more than $500 bucks. What guitar and why?

Me personally brother, I like Taylor guitars. Unfortunately they don't make one thats less than 500 bucks, but for me, the extra 100 bucks or so you'd spend on this particular one


is totally worth it. Why?

The Taylor acoustic sound, that bright yet full bodied sound with the right amount of midrange and very comfortable necks and bodies for being a mini acoustic, for the price....I don't know if you can beat it. I'm sure you can get something cheaper, but it may not have everything you want.
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You can get used Taylor A/E guitars for $399+ on GC's used site
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the GS mini as mentioned above is a good choice. if you can stretch it to $550, the HV GS mini with the Engelmann spruce top is the way to go. all the clarity of the spruce top mini with more depth bass and tons more volume ! sadly, you wont be able to try it before yo buy it. it's a special order thru taylor's website only. only 1000 being made. lots of guitar for it's smaller size and the ES-Go pickup is a simple plug in for it.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Seagull. Excellent build quality for not much $$. Very even tempered tonewise as well. It's the working mans D-28.
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