Hey guys,
Cant seem to find the wiring diagram I want

2 x 4 wire humbuckers with
1 Vol, 1 Tone, 3 way toggle, and 2 mini switches (coil tap for each pickup)


Thank you
Need to get this right, 335s are a pain to rewire
I can't help with colour coding without knowing the brand but here is what you need to do

Each pickup will have a "hot" wire and a "cold" wire and then two center wires that are soldered together. Just wire the hot and cold like you didn't have the mini switch. So hot goes to your main switch and cold goes to the back of the volume pot. Your center wire will go to the center lug of your mini switches. One of the end (outer) lugs on your mini switch will connect to ground (the back of the volume pot) while the other outer lug doesn't connect to anything.
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white and green soldered together and connected to the center lug of your mini switches

Then look up the Seymour Duncan diagrams for 2 humbucker 1 volume 1 tone.

The colour coding is different. On your pickups the red goes to the main switch and black goes to the back of the volume pot. Keep that in mind and everything should work ok
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This diagram from the Iron Gear website is 95% of the way there. Just replace the push/pull on the tone pot for two mini-toggles (one for each pup) and you're done.