Why do so many players do this? I've seen EJ, Yngwie, George Lynch, etc, take the back plate off their strat. Is it purely an aesthetic thing? I have to admit it looks cooler. I have a black american standard strat and the backplate is white and looks kind of stupid. Is there any negative to taking the back plate off? will things get in there?
The only reason I can see is if the bottom of the tremolo is slightly out of alignment with the hole in the back plate, it can be a bit of a problem to change strings.
some people (like Eric Johnson) claim it improves the tone.
Personally I've took the backplate off for a while just because I needed to adjust the springs to try different string gauges and to block the tremolo

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It looks cool.
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Go ahead and spend your money, I don't care. It won't make you sound better.

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Sure upgrading your gear will make you sound better.

I lost my backplate while changing strings a few years ago. Now whenever people ask, I just say it "improves the tone".

I don't see anyway it could negatively affect anything and it's unlikely anything will get stuck there.
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will things get in there?

Unless you play with your wang just dangling all over the plcae, chili peps style, I doubt you should be concerned about anything getting in there. Including your wang.

Even if stuff gets in there, it wont blow the thing up or anything - you should always upkeep your instrument, and just keep a close eye on it! I used to leave the back off - never noticed or even knew it could affect tone, but logically it shouldn't. Who know, to each their own.
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Definitely not aesthetic, it's on the back of the guitar after all. Some people also says it feels better against them because they don't have that lift from the backplate rubbing against their stomach. I actually took the backplate off my strat when I owned one. I thought it sounded just barely better... but I think it was mostly in my mind. Haha
every trem guitar gets it removed and placed in safe storage in a labeled zip lock bag in one of my parts bins/cabinet/area.

i don't totally know why i do i guess easy access, and also if you take it off at a good area in your home you can easily find the screws. i could imagine somebody taking it off and losing a screw if you do it somewhere else. so basically i don't know
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