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I posted in another thread about an issue I have with my bending. I just can't seem to use my wrist/forearm and have always relied on my fingers to bend. I know this is incorrect and less accurate than wrist bending. I've watched a lot of tutorial videos but I just can't seem to get it. Zaphod and some others requested that I post a video of myself bending, so here's a short clip. Let me know if you need any more..I'm using my webcam so angles are rough but I can see what I can do

To be fair, I use a mix of finger bending and forearm bending. I have no problems bending whatsoever. IMO, it's a technique best done when emulating someone you like, then record a soundclip of you practicing, and then use that to fine tune until you got it.
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You need to turn your wrist anti-clockwise as you bend,Your fingers don't need to do as much work as they're doing.Vibrato should be more of a shaking motion moving your wrist left and right rather than moving your fingers up and down.
Vibrato comes mostly from the wrist. I linked some of his stuff before but I'll link it again..


Probably one of the best people you could ever analyze when it comes to vibrato. Notice he always always uses his wrist. Very few people will ever become as accomplished with vibrato as this guy has. Blows my mind every time i watch him.
as i said in the other thread, flatten your fingers a bit more
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Im sending from phone so cant find youtube link because I cant access youtube as its banned in my country (Turkey) need dns for it. Well search for BB kings vibrato lesson on youtube. He has one of the most beautiful vibrato sound ever and his lesson was perfect for me. Eventho im pretty much a beginner it really helped me to improve my wrist vibrato