Hey all,

My name is Darren, 19, from uk. I had played guitar all my life really up until a year and a half ago. (I went to college for Music for 3 months... while there my interest in music was TOTALLY killed and i havnt really listeneded to or played music since college really)

before i went college, i use to just play guitar for the love of the sound and the music. Playing at full blast, whether it was Metallica or the beatles, just loved it! (epsecially gary moore) Loved playing music and looked up to musicians.

but today i sat there and worked out that its been almost a year and a half since i really played guitar or listened to music that i intend to learn. I still consider myself a guitar player, i FEEL like a gutarist still, but in reality its over a year since i actually learnt or played anything. (i probably played it like 5 timesin last year)

its really scary because of how fast time has gone (but thats a universal worry in my life ATM lol.)

Anyone got any suggestions for musicians that might fit my styles? Il post below some of what ive been listening to recently: (basicly ill list some of my spotify playlists lol)

-Solomon Burke + Gary Moore
-Damian/Ky-mani Marley
-Alice Cooper
-Elvis, Beatles, Michael Jackson
-Eminem (im seeing him live at wembley!!! wooo!)
-John Butker Trio
-snoop lion - reincarnated
-Andy Mckee

That gives a small overview of what i like, so any ideas?
Stoner Rock.

Do it.

Try Queens of the Stone Age (No One Knows/Go With the Flow) or Truckfighters (Desert Cruiser).
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