It's pretty nice. It's hard to comment on such type of compositions as the structure choice could be very subjective, but anyway, here's my two cents:

In the main theme, I felt like the chord in 0:11-0:13 (A maj7th?) should also have an Ab after it, but as I see you added it in the second half of the theme that was probably on purpose.
But, the repetition at around 0:30 felt to me a bit redundant so it could benefit from slightly more variation, possibly to its rhythm, in comparison with the first appearance of the theme.

In the second theme, the rhythm of the treble melody didn't flow as much as I felt it should. I tried to imagine it in my head - maybe try to play it something like

....8th.../16th triplets/8th triplet
b ..........3-3-3- 3-0

If you understood what I meant, I think it would sound more "lively" like that.

On a side note, the guitar sounded slightly out of tune - but that's a rather technical thing.

Anyway, it's really nice! Kind of mellow so it might best serve as a prelude to something more "grand".

By the way (only if you don't mind), care to give a listening to an instrumental I wrote recently? It's Prog-Metal and it's currently only a digital preview due to recording restrictions... but anyway:
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