Ok so I'm mainly a guitar player but i dabbled with singing a bit a while ago and am looking for songs to sing over.

To do that I'm trying to figure out my vocal range and so far it seems to be kind of a baritone. For example, a recorded cover I did good on had vocal lines for the note range of c2 - g3.

To feel comfortable singing this song I first had to transpose it down. The original singer was singing half an octave higher (his lowest note at g2), and that didn't work for me. So as I said I transposed it down.

My understanding is that many songs are sung too high for my range, and I need to transpose them down\up in order to sing over them. This just makes it a bit hard to practice singing and developing my vocals. You guys got any other ideas\solutions?

P.S some of my fave stuff to sing along to is Metallica, RHCP, nirvana, The doors, some nu metal and grunge, stoner metal.
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Hmm. A baritone should easily be able to sing the particular song a half an octave higher.
In fact, both tenors and basses should be able to as well.
Transposing songs to fit you voice is completely normal and most singers do that, just to make it a little easier for themselves. I once played with a singer that could hit A4, but always wanted songs that included the note to be transposed one step down, because the G was so much easier for him to hit.

The bands you listed all have pretty standard and easy vocals in them, so baritone or tenor they should be possible
Don't worry so much about your vocal range, just sing whatever is comfortable. When you get better at singing your range will expand.