Hey guys! Well I pulled the trigger on a shiny egnater tweaker 40 and it will be here monday.

So my main question is what to expect? I play pop punk, I know it will do this well, I played my friends a while back but I obviously couldn't flip all the switches and stuff. I'm hoping to get some dark british style tones out of it A la orange? I bought it because my windsor blew up, and I can't afford a rockerverb for a couple months. So what will I be getting guys? What are some good settings for that type of thing?
I don't know if it will quite hit the Orange "wool," but it can do some Brit-sounding tones.
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What to expect out of my egnater tweaker 40?

Most likely sound.
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Most likely sound.

Wow, did he post this in the pit?

Seriously, I can get a pretty nice, chunky brit tone from my 15. In fact, the only thing I can't get out of it was a high gain modern metal sound, that's what I bought the metal muff for.
The brit setting is one of my favorites. Next to my friend's VOX, it does a pretty good sound alike, not perfect, but good.

I like the "modern" setting with "USA" and "dirty" switches on. Dial the gain where you like it (9 o'clock or so for me). Usually a go to sound for me.
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Wow, did he post this in the pit?

I was gonna say something similar

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