Ok, here's the deal. I started an SG style build for this summer, and I am out of ideas for pups.
It's going to be a while before I need them, so I have time to work it out.
I am looking for suggestions.
Here's the kicker: Nothing over $60.00 US new, and no matched sets.
I have a set of Dragonfire Screamers in my LTD explorer, and I love those. I want something different, though.

Thinking one of the classic Bill Lawrence Blade humbuckers, since they can be had for about $55.00 new. I need something for the neck.

The guitar is Mahogany, the amp is an Egnator Tweaker 15 Tube amp.

Something that will drive the hell out of my amp could be fun, also, maybe something like a PAF for some classicy-rock tones.
Single coils are ok too, as I can get a mounting ring that fits them.
Open forum here, throw some ideas at me!
GFS, Carvin, other Dragonfires? What am I missing?
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