just saying hi really

me and my 8 year old daughter started our first guitar lessons last week

the elec guitar i was given is twisted apparently so i have ordered 1 of these
Fender American Special Stratocaster Electric Guitar in 3-Colour Sunburst

hopefully this will be able to stick with me for a while

i an practising for 1/2 hour per day with my daughter
i find the chords difficult with out my hand touching the last string at the bottom

anyway we are both enjoying the experience so far

any tips on what if anything i need to do with my new guitar

64 views and not 1 person has the time to help me

maybe ill look for another forum then

thanks anyway
Hi, I'm new here too, and I think you should just keep on practicing. I'm in a similar situation with my 9yo granddaughter.
Hey dodgy diver.

The new user forum is not a good place to ask for advice on equipment or technique. It's just a place to introduce yourself. That is why you haven't received any advice.

If you want help on technique, from starting chords to developing your own style, visit the Guitar Techniques forum here.

If you have some hardware questions, I'd suggest visiting either the Guitar Gear & Accessories subforum or the Gear Building & Customizing subforum.

I hope that has assisted you, and that you can get the information you're looking for.
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Yeahhh man, I wouldn't ever ask questions in here. There's a couple other sections that can help you out,
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