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though I am not of any
metaphysical relevancy (to you),
I do wish to impart the
strangeness of being:

" "
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how strange it is to be anything at all.

this is nice. your travels have come to you, yes?
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i marvel at how you can utilize brevity. when space is such a premium, you have a way of selecting nearly the perfect words to drive the poem along. it's really quite marvelous.

as always, a great read.
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Don't know if I like the somewhat explicit "to you."

Otherwise, <3.

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Quote by culex-knight
Don't know if I like the somewhat explicit "to you."

Otherwise, <3.

I second this motion. I found it a little bit odd and unusual for you to include something a bit unnecessary as it would be assumed anyway. I can see how it might add some other direction by specifically saying you mean something to others somewhere else, maybe as a shot to her. I just think it is either over-thought or under-thought.

But yeah, great work on the poem