I've been trying to find a vocalist to put on some tracks for a while, and it's been more annoying than I thought it would be. So I'm thinking about just singing on the tracks myself. My music is basically just Rock/Pop music with kind of a 60s throwback (old sounding organs and stuff) if that makes a difference.

Anyways, I recorded myself singing this song "Close to Me," and rather than try and fix it up all pretty by mixing it and having a bunch of instruments, I just did a cheap iPhone recording with my guitar. Saw it's pretty raw and short.

So please tell me what you think of my voice.
You've got a good voice and it seems it'd fit well for what you say you play. You fall a little flat in sections, but pitchy-ness seems to go away with more practice. On saying that I'm listening too this deliberately to pick it apart. If I heard you in a bar I wouldn't think twice. Thats just one song though and a short one, you should just throw up some more quick recordings of your songs with vocals on the forums and see what people say.


You have the voice I'd say, but you really need some lessons. The fact that you have a voice doesn't mean in any way that it can't be improved.
There's a lot of stuff on UG and Youtube concerning singing lessons if you don't want to pay for it, so I suggest starting there.

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