Derek Trucks, John Paul Jones and Alain Johannes. Especially Jones was great live, he can play anything!
O man, there are a lot of cool players out there...

Rich Robinson (Black Crowes) has real narly slidetone, even though a lot of credits go to all the players beside him during all the Crowes' line-up changes. Those guys are amazing.

On acoustic you gotta check out Ian Siegal, great acoustic bluesy slide stuff! (and a cool man as well

But to me there's one that does it.... Rory Gallagher!
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Love Cooder & Trucks.

Adding Bonnie Raitt to that list.

Dan Auerbach, Ritchie Blackmore, Billy Gibbons, David Gilmour, Jeff Healey and Jack white are faves as well. Even if they're not primarily known for using slides, when they do, it is usually pleasing to my ears.
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