I'm a 43 year old bloke, been trying to play electric 6 string guitar for 4 months, had some paying lessons and love Black Sabbath, thrash metal etc.

Basically, I need some help outside the paying lessons! I can only squeeze in so much in a one hour lesson and cost does become a problem at £20 each !!

I'm hoping to find some able players that also like metal that would be happy to help me, jam with if you like. I have a very limited ability, but very willing to be helped.

My ultimate goal would be to find a friendly guy or group of players in the Cwmbran area that will allow me to join in and teach me stuff

Is there anybody out there that can help me?

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Well, i'm in the north but most people I come across online from Wales are from down south and Cwmbran is a popular location it seems.

It's great that you're making the effort so soon to get out and meet other people. A good place to start is to see if there are any pubs/bars that hold regular open mic nights. Those places are crawling with all sorts of musicians. Might want to start talking to some of the guys/gals there about stuff.

If you find a place like I described then you might even become a regular there yourself.

Another thing is, the internet is a great place for video lessons. Not saying don't go to paid IRL lessons if thats what you're into, but definitely use Youtube videos!
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Thank you for that very helpful reply :-) I didn't know guitar was strong here, gives me hope :-)

I do know all my tunes and riffs from the net. The lessons are great for proper techniques and stuff, but one hour doesn't really cut it. I fell an evening with others in a focused area banging out stuff and chatting would really pull me along.

The lessons would then be an addition rather than the main. I think that would make my £20 lesson go much further, as I can ask all the small questions at the other player/s that would normally take up a 1/4 of the lesson.

Fingers crossed somebody local sees this and I can start banging out Black Sabbath solos in a few weeks, that would be AWESOME !!!!!!!!!

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