Hi, so i'm wondering what guitar to get next and i'm very unsure out of 3 guitars to get.
For an idea of what i currently use:
Fender Japan 1986 Stratocaster.
Setup for drop A# (Bb)
Dunlop Heavy core strings (7 string set, minus the 10) using 13-27-28-38-48-60. (feels great regarding tension!)
Seymore Duncan active Blackouts on neck and bridge.
I play metal core, post hardcore. like bands such as Fit for a King, devil wears prada, in hearts wake, i killed the prom queen, northlane.

I'm looking at getting another guitar and keeping the strat as a back up for shows (sentimental reasons for keeping it) and i was wondering what thoughts were on another 6string of similar scale. OR.. i don't know if i should go the 26.5" scale (7-string) or if i'm not really going to hear much difference (as in heavy, tighter, chunky tone).

Guitars i'm looking at:
all schecters Blackjacks, all with blackout pickups, and will set up to drop A# (Bb):

SOLO-6 - 24.75" scale (LOVE the body shape!!)

AXL SOLO-7 - 26.5" scale (again LOOVE the body shape)

or the SLS c-7 - 26.5" scale (don't mind the body at all, but its "slim line series", and i have small hands, thats why i like my fender, for ease of play.

Thanks for reading, and for taking the time for your advice and opinions, i value any input at all.
In my opinion i'd but the SLS C-7, the longer scale length with the 7 string would make it good for low tunings such as Drop A#, Drop A, Drop G# and Drop G, which Northlane, In Heart's Wake and Fit For A King use, plus you can drop the original 6 strings to the tunings that TDWP and IKTPQ use

Hope this helps man!