I've been thinking about getting a Gretsch and really like the look of the G5445T and G5655T-CB. Tomorrow I'm going to a shop to try out the G5445T, but unfortunately there's no shop that I know of that have the G5655T-CB. Maybe I can ask them to order one. In the meantime I'm curious if some of you have tried both? What are your thoughts on the two?

I know that the G5655T-CB is semi-hollow which makes it lighter and also affects the sound. I also noticed that the G5445T has a thicker neck after fret 12. :-)
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I tried it today and I must say, it plays really well. It seems lighter than your average Les Paul which I like. The semi-hollow should be even lighter I guess. I got them to order the semi-hollow so I can try it out to compare the two. But I'm still interested in hearing some thoughts on the guitars. :-)