I recently bought a semi-hollow guitar (my first semi) and I'm loving it. Picked it up on Ebay for £100 and plays really really well. I'm not particularly impressed with the Pups though and would like to swap them out.

It's currently got 2 humbuckers, 3 way switch, 2 tone, 2 volume

I will be using it for pop punk and pop rock (Fall out boy, blink 182, we the kings, Nickleback, Boys like girls) so mild distortion is needed.

I don't really have a budget but I suppose no more than £300 for a set unless you guys really think i should spend more.

I'm willing to completely change the pick ups if you think it'll work (put P90's or Single coils in)

I'm completely open to suggestions as I'm really not sure what will work.

I like Bareknuckle Pups and Seymour Duncan but I'm open to other brands

The only other issue is I live in the UK and I'd like to order them online so availability is paramount
Which semi-hollow guitar is this? Brand and model?

Which pickups does it have stock?
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It's an old guitar (about 30 years) by the brand Shine. Seems to be different to the guitars made by a company called Shine now. I don't know what pick ups it has stock. I'm struggling to find out anything about the brand
The pickups are very often the weak link in these old guitars, as they are in inexpensive modern ones.

I can't be of much help, because I don't know the music, but I chose new pickups for my old Westone semihollow on the basis that it was dark-sounding acoustically. - So I went for bright pickups, SD Jazz. I think mine would also work well with hum-sized P90s, something like GFS Dream 90s or Mean 90s.
You could always look into GFS pickups. I threw some in an old beater guitar I have and they sound great.

Throwing 300(british money symbol) into a 100(british money sybol) guitar seems rather wasteful, unless you found a gem of a guitar.
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Throwing 300(british money symbol) into a 100(british money sybol) guitar seems rather wasteful, unless you found a gem of a guitar.

that's what i'd have thought

irongear, entwistle and axesrus get a decent rep and are pretty cheap. i haven't tried them, though.
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You don't need to spend anywhere near £300($501 US).I just saw a set of Gibson Classic 57's on e-bay for £127,IIRC that's what's in ES335's.You can get cheaper too.
I know that £300 is a lot more than I probably need to spend I just thought I'd give you a really high budget because money isn't a problem. I explained what I was looking for to one of the Seymour Duncan Facebook admins and he suggested phat cats. I think this may work quite well. What do you think?