I just purchased a Jamman Solo XT and I'm pretty excited to play around with it. Right now the only effects I have are through my Mustang 2 amp, so I can't use them for the looper. I plan to save up 200-300 and get a decent multi-fx with a lot of options and some basic drum samples, but in the meantime is there a way I could use effects off of a program like rocksmith or similar fed into the loop pedal, or would the change in signal result in a terrible sound?

PS. Anybody know if the digitech can save a new loop separately from the one you're playing over? I imagine that might constrain your ability to make actual song arrangements.

PPS. Any recommendations on a multi-fx or beat sequencer? I've been looking at the Zoom G3X and G5. I know dedicated pedals tend to have better sound but this is mainly for practice/screwing around. When I have more distinct preferences I may invest in some decent stompboxes. Also checking out the Korg VOLCABEATS sequencer to have more control over the drum loops.

Thank you, I'm new here so I hope I haven't broken any rules I'm not aware of.
The Jamman is just a recorder. As long as you get the levels right it doesn't matter where the audio comes from. Pretty sure all loops are mixed down. Although there is an undo, I don't think it's possible to get to the last track separately.

If you can pick up a GNX4 cheap you get a synced midi drum machine and up to 8 separate tracks as part of the built in looper. If you can create a midi drum file then you can create your own beats.
I saw the GNX4, it's not that expensive on Ebay but I did hear somebody talk about it's bitrate being low. I'm not sure if that's just nitpicking or what, but if a ton of people like the way it sounds then i doubt I would be in the other camp.
The GNX4 records 16bit 44Khz. It's an older multifx, so the FX and modeling isn't as good as you can get in newer multifx. But that doesn't mean you can't get good sounds out of it. It is unique. No other multifx line has it's features, past or present.