My buddy bought this no name guitar the other day because it played well. He pulled the pups and found out they are duncan Seth lovers.
He says they are highly sought after and asked me to sell them on eBay since he doesn't have an account. I've never heard of them I did look them up to find out more about them. Anyone know if a used set with gold covers would be easy to sell or what they would be worth? They are worn on the sides a bit, I assume it's from playing.
Seth Lovers are currently in production. Sort after, maybe but not as a rare item. Duncan also has Antiquity lineup which are more expensive & custom shop products, i think he winds some of them personally, if those pickups have wear on the covers & have his initials/sig on the baseplate then those might be Antiquity Seth Lovers. One way to know would be to check the baseplate for a serial number & contact Duncan support asking for info on it.

I'd keep those pickups in storage unless you are really never gonna get into PAF pickup types & need the money.
Thanks for the info, they do have a signature on the back. I'm going to contact duncan about them.