At the moment i have a Fender Strat Squire (Very old vintage which i never use) and a Fender Strat (mexico) - i got these both from a mate which didn't use them anymore. i have found that they aren't what im looking for and i really need a guitar that just focuses on metal. at the moment i have gotten down to these three guitars.




I absolutely love the ltd Snakebyte considering i am a big fan of Metallica and i want a guitar that aims for their music. unfortunately $1000 is a bit out of my range at the moment. i also live in Australia so it would be fair to say add an extra $200-300 dollars on the american price tag of a guitar because i will most likely need to get the guitar shipped over.

anyway fire away with guitars ranging from $200-$900
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Look at Fernandes. Japanese company, with axes made there and in Korea. Since they're closer to you, you might be able to get a better deal. They cater to the hard-rock and metal guitarists of the world. Quality is generally pretty good. (I own 2 Ravelles.)

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What do the Fenders not do for you? Why aren't they metal enough? It may help me help you if I understand why they don't work for you.
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I bet that Mexican strat would be a brutal beast with the right humbucker in the bridge.
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Have you ever heard of Adrian Smith haha! If your looking for a different tone you don't necessarily have to get a new guitar. I recommend the ESP Hetfield signature pickups. I'm pretty sure thats what are in the snakebyte but not 100%. I would only imagine that he would have his sig pickups in his sig guitar. Those pickups can be yours for under 300$
You need to be more specific as to what you really want from the guitar you're thinking of buying.
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With the right pickups in the strat, that thing can get mean. If you want a new guitar, then Ibanez, ESP, Jackson, or Schecter are your best bets for a purpose-built metal guitar. Specifically, the Ibanez Destroyer is about $600 new and works really good with thrash metal, as does the Schecter Omen Active ($400), ESP EC-1000 ($849), and Jackson Soloist ($700). They're all great guitars, but if I personally had to choose, it would be between the EC-1000 and the Destroyer, but that's just me.

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The JS32 is the beginners line from Jackson, so if at all possible see how much the midrange X serie (in this case model KEXTMG) costs in your area. Now it is more expensive than JS32 but it SHOULD be noticeably cheaper than LTD Snakebyte. Keyword should, you being in Australia always messes things up.

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Personally I'd also recommend Schecter, especially in the "lower mid" price section, although they don't have any Explorer-shape guitars as far as I know, they tend to like superstrats (which is very much my thing, personally...).

But yeah, you can always just go for the option of changing the pickups. I've lost count how many bands surprised me by using a Strat or Telecaster with changed pickups for a genuinely heavy sound.
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Schecter does make a V. I almost bought it a few years ago, but I really was holding out for my pre-lawsuit LTD Explorer.
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I've got a squier with true single coils that will eat the face off of any metal guitar. Just cause its' not worken for you right now doesn't mean you need to drop $1500 on another guitar, but $300 of upgrades into it first and see if you like it, if anything, it'll make a nice backup guitar.
BC Rich Mockingbird ST. Its a $550 guitar that feels like an Ibanez Prestige and sounds pretty good distorted (cleans are pretty bad w/o pedals like most metal guitars)
Check out the Jackson SLSMG. I picked one up a few months ago for $400. It was used but in such good condition that if they didn't tell me it was used I wouldn't have known. I don't know if you want active pickups but as long as you don't get one of the first couple years of them, they have an EMG 81 in the bridge and 85 in the neck.

im using some custom pickups on the stratt now (not sure what they are) but it's just not doing it for me. I think ill take a look at the schecters and mid range jackson