Hello all!

So, let me get to it; hopefully there is someone out there with this exact pedalboard that knows what I'm talking about. I have an SKP PS 45 pedalboard. It's great. But my problem is that I lost these type of 9V cables to them, pictured here; sorry for the large image. It's the part that says "Regulated 9V DC Outputs":

Put these arent the kind of 9V's you plug into a wall. Both sides of the cable look like that, and from my very limited knowledge, they come with just the pedalboard. I think that if you have a Blue Voodoo Conditioner to charge all your pedals, you can get these kind of cables, because it goes straight from the pedal to the Blue Voodoo device.

Is anyone following what I'm saying and/or recognize what kind of special cables these are? If so, do you guys know where I could find these? If anyone even could slightly help me, I would be indebted to you. Thanks for reading.
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I'm guessing (since you didn't take a pic of the actual cable ends) that they are male mono 1/8" phone plug to male barrel plug cables. Barrel plugs come in a few different sizes, the most commonly used in guitar pedals being 5.5mm/2.1mm, referring to the diameters of the outside and inside of the plug, respectively.
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It's known as a 2.1mm Male plug. 2.1mm is the size of the center pin on the plug. I think the outer ring is 5mm but can't remember for sure.
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