Hey I was wondering if it would be a good idea to invest money in putting a input jack mic into my guitar. Its a harmony arch top from the 50s and apparently it would cost as much as I payed for it (around 200) should I do it?
if you're looking to invest and increase the value, harmony guitars don't tend to be very valuable. if you like the guitar and want electronics, why not? if you don't like the guitar particularly, i would consider saving for a guitar that suits you rather than putting more money into a guitar that doesn't speak to you.
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I had a Harmony arch top, and it was wretched, at least to the best of my recollection.

it was sort of smooth, but lacked any punch. But, the strings weren't on the level they are now either.

Mostly a plywood annoyance, it cost me all of 40 bucks. This is somewhere around about 1970.

Trouble is, all the garbage from that era is now, "classic". Bah humbug I say, it's classic junk. Now if you had an early Danelectro, you'd really have something. Nah, just kidding.