In the market for a new prs. I've looked at these 2 and they seem badass, which ever one is more versatile would be my choice, I play everything from jazz to metal, let me know what u guys think thanks
go play both if you can.

i owned a custom 24 and it was one of the best guitars i had. i really enjoyed it. swap out the tuners tho the stock ones sucked and kept going out of tune for me

im not a fan of signature guitars. its not really "yours" ya know? but it may be something you like.
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It is NOT trash metal it is tHrash metal...get it right
The Zach Myers, being a semi-hollow, might have feedback issues if you want to use high-gain distortion.

Also, I prefer the SE HFS Treble + SE Vintage Bass pickup combo (which is really versatile) on the Custom 24 to the SE 245 Treble & Bass pickups on the Zack Myers.

They're both awesome guitars, but if you're looking for versatility I'd get the Custom 24. It will suit most music genres perfectly.
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