I'm kinda strapped for cash at the moment, but I've been looking at this super cheap laptop and am wondering if the specs for this would be OK for using Amp w/Reaper to record with?

Toshiba Satellite

I already own a laptop and a netbook, but I've ran into a million issues with my laptop not detecting any ASIO drivers period. I've gone back and forth with Focusrite support for the Scarlett 2i4, but there are issues with the ASIO drivers not even showing up but other drivers do. So it's either I get a new laptop to remedy the issue, or I just take the Scarlett back and say screw it.
Download ASIO4ALL on the computers you already have.
Also, do you really need a new computer?
Like, really?

The thing will probably do fine but it will not really go much beyond reaper and amplitube.
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I have used/use both consecutively and work more than adequate on my fairly old Imac from 2009.

It has the core 2 duo processor, not to be mistaken with the 'dualcore' processor which is older and not to be compared.

Basically the core-2-duo sort of marked a new era of what computers could do and almost every CPU that came after that is sufficient.

I'd get at least 3GB ram and you'd need offcourse an interface to have zero latency and optimal sound quality on amplitube.

That being said, I looked up the specs of the Toshiba and it's a bit vague on which processor is in it.. It seems it's a single core processor, but I know there have been new single core processors after the core-2-duo which should also be capable.

That being said.. Having 2 cores is almost a must.. Not so much for the speed, but the fact it has true multi calculations comes with big advantages by design.

If this Toshiba has it though I cannot tell, though the computer's design does look "post 2009" but that's just what my gut says.

All of the "i" series (ie. i3/i5/i7) will be sufficient for those tasks.

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