Hi, I already have a Line 6 M13 but I've had some problems with it, it's recently been fixed but eh, I'm just over it. Don't like the layout of it either.
Sounds great though.

So I'm selling/swapping it for another MFX pedal.

I've been looking at the HD500X and the GT-100 mostly, also considering the ME-80 because I mostly use amp modellers.

It'd be almost exclusively for home recordings, but needs to be able to work live easily and also cut through the mix. Cutting through the mix was a huge problem with the M13 in live situations, so I'm not sure the HD500X is going to work for me with that either.

Is the GT-100 worth the extra $200 over the ME-80? I could sell the M13, get an ME-80 and still have some cash left over. Both the GT-100 and the HD500X would probably leave me having to find another $50-100 unless I find one used or swap someone.

I liked the sounds of both the ME-50 and the GT-10 in the past, so I know I'll like the GT-100 IRL as well, but is it a better choice for home recordings and for live use over the HD500X?
..and if I'm using amp modelling at home, would the ME-80 suffice? Truth be told I'm completely happy with my Amplitube 3 and S-gear 2 for amp modelling. Does the ME-80 have ALL of the effects of the GT-100?
The M13 has no amp sims, running it straight into the board and expecting it to cut through the mix isn't a great idea.

For recording, I'd take the HD500 over anything Boss makes. The GT100 is pretty good but the ME80 is pretty outdated and has nowhere near the flexibility of the other units. Line 6 is pretty tough to beat for recording until you get up into Axe-FX territory.
I always ran the M13 through my amp, I'm not that stupid haha..

The ME-80 is outdated? I thought it's relatively new??
Boss' modeling always seems to be a few years behind Line 6. Not sure when the ME80 came out but the HD series is L6's newest and for recording I'd much rather use it than whatever handful of "updated" COSM models and parameters Boss gives you with the ME-80. The GT-100 has a respectable bank of models and tweaking options, the ME80 does not. For recording I would want a lot more modeling ability than what the ME80 gives you.
I've got Amplitube 3 and S-Gear 2 for amp modellers when I record, I'm happy with both of them.

So for recording, unless the modellers were better than Amplitube 3 and S-Gear 2's (doubtful) then I'd only use the MFX pedal for the effects for the most part. The ME-80 looks like it's got all the effects of the GT-100..
I used to have a GT-10. Great unit for what it was.

The thing that's special about the GT series is the tweakability. The ME series is like the Line 6 M series - WYSIWYG. The PODs are the same FX wise as the Ms in terms of editing, but the GT can let you go much deeper and do crazier stuff.

I find Boss's FX to be quite good - the downside of their COSM stuff is their amp modeling, but as that's not the subject here, they are perfectly viable.

I own the POD HD Desktop and the M9, and the FX I use in them are great. Some of the FX don't do what I want. The main difference between Boss and Line 6 is the actual difference. They both have different strengths that the other does not. For me, Line 6 has better delays and reverbs. They are fantastic. They also have some weird modulation and filter stuff that is interesting, but I found that Boss has actual better sounding/more useful modulation and filters.

What don't you like about the M13 exactly? I see myself trading up my M9 for one, as I find myself wanting 3 FX assignable to a single bank (column).
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Might aswell not make a new thread.

Any opinions on the Boss ME-80?

Also, is the POD HD500X worth the extra cash over the HD500?

I could get the HD500 used for relatively cheap. 500X would mean I'd need to chip in a little cash even after selling the M13.
If it's not way better than I'd rather the more affordable one.

Mostly looking at the ME-80/after some comments from people who've spent some time with one though.
The ME80 is the most recently released multifx mentioned in this thread, so its hardly outdated. That also means not too many people have one. It does have 9 amp models, which less that the other mentioned except the M13, which has none.

It strikes me that the ME80 is a more utilitarian device than the HD500 or GT100. Less options, but a useable device. I have the ME25 and love the Freeze effect on it that's also on the ME80. If you like tweaking sounds then the HD500X will serve you better than the ME80. If you like combining stomps anyway you want then the HD500X will be better.

Personally, I would like having the ME80 but the Freeze effect is the biggest draw for me. I like the sounds on my ME25, but it has too few switches for control.
To be honest with you, I'm not a big fan of tweaking sounds. That's a little part of why I'm selling/swapping my M13. I don't want to spend forever trying to get a nice sound.

On youtube, the ME-80 seems to me, to be full of great sounds that don't require a whole lot of tweaking, you just turn a few knobs and bam, you're done. Simple.
The M13 is like some kinda spaceship to me. Too much screens and crap going on, I'm a player not a technician.

The freeze effect looks cool, never used it myself, I love how the ME-80 is basically mega cheap, has an acoustic sim, seems to be easy to use and appears to have some easily achievable great sounds.

Only thing is the M13 has the particle verb which I think is bloody great, but I'm sure you could get somewhere near it with the Tera Echo on the ME-80?

I suppose I'm after something that is easy to use, sounds great, and without a whole lot of messing around, can create some unique and personalised tones, because to be honest although I don't like tweaking, I still want to be able to craft my own sound.
That's really weird to me, because one of the main draws of the M series is how it is like having stompboxes, and is not complicated.

The only real difference is being able to see the FX on a dial on the ME vs just dialing through their screens on the M.

Anyway, as long as the ME-80 has updated COSM from the ME-50/ME-70, then I think it'd be a safe bet.
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Maybe complicated is the wrong word, the M13 is easy enough to use.

I don't like all the screens though, or all the buttons, I don't need a million effects I'll never use, no built-in expression pedal is absolute bull for how much the unit costs, and I've also been thinking that for gigs and events, maybe being able to plug something with amp modelling straight into front of house would be great.
I don't like all the menus and stuff either, and although the M13 can produce some really, really great sounds, you do need to do quite a bit of messing around to get there.

I don't know, something about it just doesn't work for me, it's just not "me".
The ME-80 however looks a lot more along the lines of what I want - it LOOKS uncomplicated, doesn't have loads of screens or menus, just some knobs you turn to the effects you want and away you go.

Don't need to go all serious-mode and create scenes and stuff like with the M13 - the M13 for me actually takes quite a while to get a good scene going, and sometimes I feel like.. yeah, it can have 4 effects at once, but not really.. I mean, some kinda EQ or Compressor is basically always going to be there, same with a little reverb. More like two effects at once in reality (my reality anyway), I like a little delay most times as well so all I've REALLY got to mess with is what kind of distortion/OD I want and if I'm honest, the choices on the M13 don't sound all that crash hot for that kinda thing.

The ME-80 doesn't have a whole lot of useful stuff on youtube though really, just a few demos etc.. there's some portugese guy with what seems to be far more detailed videos on it, he goes through basically the whole unit bit by bit, but I don't speak portugese and he doesn't have much english subbed stuff. Can still hear the sounds it produces and I'm liking it a lot. Wish I knew what he was saying.
Yeah.. I've read that.. not much there to be honest.

Not a whole lot of stuff about it anywhere, really, asides from a few demos.. not many reviews..
Yeah, they definitely haven't pushed it at all in terms of advertising really. Also due to the fact that the ME series have always been vastly overshadowed by the GT series, it's not surprising. Even if it's really good, no one would think to give it a chance - it's expected to be worse than the GT-100 (no idea, never played either).

You can always just take a chance. Find a used one, if you don't like it, you can probably sell it and break even. That's how most of us try out gear around here anyway.
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Yeah, I've already got the M13 up on Ebay, I'll get an ME-80 with whatever I get. Just gonna take the risk haha.

The GT-100 does interest me but ehh.. loads of tweaking puts me off a little, I just don't have the time for it, and so does the price tag compared to the ME-80. I know it's a much deeper unit though..

They should push the ME-80 more >_<
So my M13 is still up on Ebay until Sunday night.. I've been looking more and more into the HD500X.

Couple more questions.

Is the 500X worth it over the 500? I can get the 500 used, 500X has to be new though, so there's a price difference of about $250 here.

Also, what exactly are the differences between the HD500/X and the GT-100?

Is there anything one can do that the other can't, or is it PURELY down to preference?

Can the GT-100 do dual amps? Can it do dual amps and send each signal to a different output? Can the 500 do this?

What's with the DSP limit on the 500's? Does it stop you from doing anything basic?
The GT-100 has no such limits from what I can gather.
Read the manuals and compare. The reason why the GT-100 has no DSP limits is because it is self limiting. The FX chain in the G-100 is somewhat fixed. The FX chain in the HD500 is only limited by the number of simultaneous FX. IOW, you can put the most DSP intensive FX in every slot, which results in exceeding it's DSP limit.

For a $250 difference I would be inclined to stick with the HD500.
Never thought to read the manuals. Good idea. Will do that.

After hearing some youtube clips through some better headphones the HD500/X are sounding much more organic/real to me now.. the Boss ones sounded better through my dodgy speakers previously haha..

So you wouldn't pay $250 more for a HD500X? Interesting. The footswitches look cooler.
Just outta curiosity, since you value simplicity (I'm the same way), why not just get seperate pedals? For 500x money you can get probably 3-8 (+?) pedals to cover all your bases. Maybe if you want amp modeling, one of those lil Zoom mfx pedals. Just tthrowing a thought out there.
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As I mentioned before, I have the 500X now, and also have the HD Desktop, which is the same as the 500 minus the footswitches.

You can make basic patches on the 500, but it depends on what you consider basic. On the 500 you can't dual amp, have reverb and delay. On the 500X, you can. That's the best example of where the DSP limit lies. I haven't yet run into the DSP limit on the 500X, regardless of what I've tried to do. The 500 hits the limit quite easily whenever you're talking about multiple reverbs and/or delays.

And yes, the footswitches are ****ing AWESOME. They feel fantastic compared to regular L6 footswitches (I also have an M9 and a Shortboard MkII).

Upgrading to the 500X would be a hard decision if you already have a 500. If you don't have either, get the 500X. It's worth it. Also keep an eye on Guitar Center. Used 500Xs pop up every now and then.

EDIT: Just did a quick search and found two 500Xs for $350. No pics, but just call and make sure they are Xs.


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My band:
Fractured Instinct
(For fans of Death/Groove/Prog Metal)

Ibanez RGA42E
Ibanez S420
LTD H-301
Ibanez RG520
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Lucky1978 - I'm not good enough/serious enough a guitar player to warrant individual pedals, need a MFX that can do it all basically. I wouldn't know where to start for individual pedals.

Offworld92 - both those links said it's sold out, and the GC site just tells me everything is sold out, literally everything on the site says "0". Probably because I'm in Australia.

I think I'll keep my eye out for a used 500x.. didn't realise people would sell them already, there's none on Ebay or Gumtree or any of my local places..
The footswitches is a bonus to me, the M13 I've got, well, I don't like the switches, they're too loud..
I read the ME-80 manual. Looks like the looper is part of the delay section, if that means I can't loop the Tera Echo and multiple delays at once, then that kinda rules me out..
Best thing about the M13 I have is being able to loop the particle verb. So yeah, bye-bye ME-80.

Still got my eye out for used HD500Xs, but honestly, haven't seen any.
Hope you don't need an env filter or auto-wah. The HD500X has a bunch of weird filter FX, but none of them are something you likely use much.
Yeah, I think that's going to be the case with all MFX. I decided I'm going to just go down the single pedal route.

The M13 sold for less than I hoped for, but it does allow me to get 3 decent pedals to go along with my Boss SD-1. So yeah, I'm going to head down that path rather than MFX.
Should be good. For some reason, all the single pedals sound way better than the MFX versions.. even Boss' own single pedal delay (DD-7 I was looking at) sounds way better than their delays on the MFX, so I think it's actually a better step tonally as well as financially.

Won't be better financially later on if I catch the pedal disease, but all I can see myself wanting is some OD/Dist (Boss DA-2 and my SD-1 are what I want), delay (Boss DD-7) and then some kinda reverb because my amps reverb sucks.

I think it's kinda cooler than a MFX in a way because I can kinda build my own little setup (which for some reason looks to be all Boss at the moment).

I looked into other delays like the Eventide Time Factor, Strymon Timeline etc.. they sound amazing, but to me, they don't sound much better than the DD-7 and they're like 3-4x the price.. I liked the Eventide one in particular but I can't justify that much cash on a single pedal.
That said, one final question then..

Does anyone know if the Boss ME-80 has the real Boss pedal effects in them, or are they like a modelled version of the effect?

Basically all the pedals I want are Boss, I've got a little list here and maybe I just like their sound, but I wind up preferring them to other stuff every time, so if the ME-80 has their real, authentic Boss pedal sounds in it, I'd be an absolute idiot not to get that and then get the DA-2 eventually if I need it.

Otherwise I feel like I'd be re-creating the ME-80 with individual pedals in a way, which would obviously cost way more. It just doesn't make sense to me though, because I can get the ME-80 for $320, whereas just the DA-2 and DD-7 would run me straight into that, yet alone the Tera Echo and everything else it comes with..

Anyone know if what's in the ME-80 is "the real deal" or if Boss models their own pedals?
Personally I think you would be better off getting the multifx. But I know that a lot of people here disagree with that. I feel pretty confident that the Boss multifx does not have the same circuits as the pedals. However disregarding distortion and amp modeling Boss has always been regarded by many as having high quality FX in their multifx. And at least the ME-80 has their latest modeling.

I did get some info from another forum on how to get an auto-wah sound on my HD500. Hopefully it will be decent.
So the ME-80 won't have the exact same sound as the pedals? Because the pedals own.

It's hard for me now, I won't have quite as much money to play with, and I can't see myself using more than a bit of crunch, delay and reverb.. but if I do want to experiment, at least I CAN with a MFX.

I've got until about Thursday to decide what I want to do. Might give it some more thought.
Can you get Zoom? The G5 is awesome, but you can get the cheaper G3 or even go as cheap as the G1xon.