Sorry, I'm pretty new to the electric guitar scene and need some advice.

Right now I have the following setup:

TC-E Polytune 2 > EB VP Jr Passive > Fulltone Fulldrive 2 > MXR Carbon Copy > Boss DD20 > BBE Tremolo > TC-E HOF Reverb

The weird issue that I am having is when I turn the volume all the way down on my VP Jr and go back and forth from like 0-5% volume I get a popping noise. This only happens when my Fulldrive 2 is engaged. If I turn off my Fulldrive 2, and occillate from 0-5% volume the popping noise disappears. Also if I put my Fulldrive 2 before my VP Jr, there is no popping noise regardless. Any thoughts on why I'm getting those popping noises?


I've never experienced this in my life...I cant help much, but maybe you could try this...

I tend to place my volume pedal after my gain pedals...Why..?? Placing it before didnt make sense to me, because then it'll make the pedal redundant, since it's acting just like the volume knob on your guitar, reducing the gain as you roll it off...

Maybe try placing your volume pedal after the Fulltone...
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Yeah it's super weird. It's like the pots on my new VP Jr are digital and popping on and off from 0% to 5% but only when it's overdriven.

I have put my VP Jr after my Fulldrive 2 and it works perfectly. Thanks for the suggestion.