I don't know if it's just me, but as my songwriting skills are evolving, and i feel quite confident in my compositions, the more i feel that my voice can't hold it up. I'm basically pretty depressed about my voice.
Now i've been singing for around 6-8 months, less or more. And i might be in a hurry, and I feel that I'm kinda at a crossroad. Basically, I'm considering quitting it all together, since maybe im not a "singer", as some people aren't born to be "rocket scientists"

It's hard to ask about techniques, but basically I think that my voice is pretty.. whiny? Or thin? I dont know, maybe nasally? It just doesn't sound right. Or good. Maybe I'm too "pushy" when im singing? Or... i dont know. Maybe i breath too much?
Lol yeah.

What i know is that i sometimes tend to "pressure" out my voice, or maybe "twang" too much as people might say, which i think makes it feel whiny.

Or i just have a really... special voice. Blagrghgh.

Anyway, heres an example, the pre-chorus and chorus of Supersonic by Oasis (yeah)


Also im anxious about my neighbours, which made me even more insecure. its actually 2.40 am here.

Anyway... any critique would be totally appreciated. I will ofcourse comment back on your stuff, if you want...

First of all.

Calm down.

To me that was actually a valid attempt which is enough really.

It sounded acapella to me, and what I notice when i'm singing is, playing the guitar really helps me with my tone and other stuff. And you are actually getting decent volume which is good.

So I think you neednt worry at all bud, keep at it and you will actually improve your voice. I've seen it happen with a real life friend, last year his voice was weak and all over the place but now he's got more control of what he can do.

Hopefully you'll be less conscious about your voice and start going for it more, because that is honestly the best way to improve i'd say.
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Well one thing is for certain, if you quit you never will be one! A few things to to always remember,one is being patient and taking it slow, the other is over time if you go about it the right way the muscles in your in back,ribs,throat will become stronger.

There are a ton of really good youtube videos from great teachers. One guy Mark Baxter wrote this book called" the rock n roll singers survival manual" a really excellent book.
But in it he talks about how singers have to build their instruments"voice" . He also talks about having A Professional singer's mindset.

Meaning you must walk talk and Think like a singer. Get rid of your insecurity. Not an easy task I know but once you do you will have this great confidence. Get "can't do it" out of you're vocabulary and before you know it. You will actually be a decent singer..forget this only people with a natural talent can do this crap.. If you want this bad enough you will make the sacrifices you need to make and put in the work that you need to make it happen.
Yeah just listen to your little clip dude..don't quit you're not bad at all..I like your vocals quit being so critical if you can't hit some crazy high note..you got decent tone and that's the most important part..Listen to guys like Ian Gillan and try to develop even more excellent tone.. But yeah you sound pretty good actually.

Look at any great singer and I be willing to bet that at one time in their life they sucked lol.. might take years to get there now..didn't say it would be easy...
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I really enjoyed it! Just remember to use your diaphragm and not your throat. If you use your throat you will end up ruining your voice like Liam Gallagher did...
Just don't be too hard on yourself. The more confident you are the stronger your voice will be!
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