I buy cheap black t-shirts at £1.50 each and a pot of Tipp-Ex for about £3.

I've sold 54 shirts so far.
Please make girl sizes which aren't meant for people with extremely long torsos. This is why I regret buying every single band shirt I've bought, they aren't even comfortable to wear at home
My band Nike have always managed to get ours for reasonable prices...
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$200 for 30 shirts is perfectly reasonable, dude. If you sell 'em at a 20% markup that's only 8 bucks a shirt.
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December 14, 2017
Shirts are expensive, it's just one of those things. Luckily one of my friends from an old band runs his own shirt company. Good shit at a fair price.
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Shirts are expensive, it's just one of those things. Luckily one of my friends from an old band runs his own shirt company. Good shit at a fair price.

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That sounds normal. Sell 20 out 30 and you break even, sell the other 10 and you make $100

You can always save more by buying more if you think you can sell em. Shirts are good promotion though, its basically a walking advertisement for your band, so mark them at a price you think you can sell em for. Make some combo deals like $15 for a shirt/cd, or $20 shirt/cd/ticket
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I suggest redbubble.com, they manufacture such a large quantity of shirts and just print on the logos. They always use American Apparel stuff too and you can get things printed in a variety of colours on lots of types of shirts and hoodies.
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make your band name the name of a clothing company.

BAM! COME SEE OUR BAND "VANS" .... no copyright intended...

and come buy our merch
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I just buy plain shirts and draw my band logo with a sharpie

$80 per shirt

I'll take 1 pls
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