So, I recently started an Alternative-Prog band, and I am primarily a bassist, but I couldn't (somehow) find a guitarist, so I decided to buy a Fender standard strat, get an amp and start playing (I'm using a Fender Mexi Strat with Texas Specials and a Marshall valvestate 2000). I'm what I'd consider proficient on bass (can play almost any song, know theory, can slap, pick, and fingerstyle) and I know the basic chords, but I really want to develop my own style. A few guitarists that I like:

-Tom Morello
-Matt Bellamy
-Kevin Shields
-Jonny Greenwood
-John Frusciante
-Claudio Sanchez
-Jimmy Page
-James Iha

I think the main thing is that I don't like the really shreddy guitarists, but those who add a lot of melody and dynamics to a band. So, I suppose my question is how do I evolve my style from something that sounds like a bassist playing guitar without a particular style into a melodic player?
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Stop thinking like a bassist. try hitting (notes/rhythm) more in the snare with the guitar instead of the kick/floor like you would with a bass.

And really just practice
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You might look for stylistic guidance from bass players who are, in a way, "lead" bass players.

Geddy Lee
John Myung
Stu Hamm
Bill Laswell
Jonas Hellborg
Bootsy Collins
Brian Bromberg
Jaco Pastorius


Also, when you practice (other people's stuff), try playing along with the singer. As in, echo his parts.
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Follow the snare any time you're not in a "pocket" groove. Rhythmically, focus on contrasting down and up beat accents to keep things interesting - starting a phrase on the upbeat, landing on the down beat, etc.

And learn your triads up and down the neck. Extremely useful for rhythm guitar.