sup guys first post here. I'm a beginner guitarist, been playing about a year, and all I have is some off brand acoustic. I've been looking into buying a new one and I really want either a dean razorback or an ml. I'm a huge pantera fan and I've always wanted one of the two with a floyd rose. for the razorback it's came down to either the classic black with a floyd rose or the bio mech model. the cheapest I've found the bio mech is $400 and the black is at $450. but I was reading on the bio mech and people were saying it was made in Korea with stock pickups and didn't sound half as good as ones made in the USA. I was thinking since the classic black was around the same price it was also an import. and I've also heard they won't stay in tune once you start dumping the bar and playing around with it. just wanting to get some answers since the local guitar shop doesn't have a razorback or ml. or should I just forget a razorback and go with an ml? I'm open to suggestions guys.
I have 2 Deans that I love. I would not buy any Dean that usually retails for under $500 new right now- other makers catering to the hard rock & metal market do better in that price range. The ones you're talking about are close enough to that cutoff that I'd be leery.

See if you can find a 79 or a Chicago. (I know they have some in their online store.)
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the only thing that gets me is I love the paint jobs on the dime series razorbacks and ml's
In my experience I've had some very nice Korean made guitars (including my first electric) so I wouldn't shy away from one, especially for your first electric. Between some of the ones you said I would go with an ml shape but thats my personal aesthetic preference.

You could also try finding one of the Washburn Dimebag guitars used. I don't think these command a large price tag on the second hand market. I have a Korean made Dimebolt 333 that is a nice guitar and has IMO played better than all of the import Deans that I've played, although the stock pickups weren't too great so I did swap out the bridge for a SD Distortion.
I just ordered the 79 dean ml from musicians friend. if only it was here already