Hi Guys -
If I'm posting this in the wrong section please let me know.

I'm coming back to playing guitar after about a seven year hiatus, and my amp doesn't seem to work at all. It's a Marshall G50R CD. I can't seem to get any sound out, and if I tap or make any physical contact with the amp I hear a echoy/wobbly sound coming out the speaker. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

Thanks for your help
Quote by 311ZOSOVHJH
Time for a new amp.

...if you're serious about guitar that is.

Hmmm, I don't know. The old G series amps are better than the MG series ones, and I see the G50R CD being sold in the 150€ range from time to time. It may be worth fixing.

TS, the "echoey/wobbly" sound you described is probably coming from the reverb tank.
The issue is really hard to diagnose through the internet, especially since it's a solid state amp.
I'd take it to a tech to get a repair quote, and then decide if it was worth repairing or not.
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If you get some kind of noise come through when you tap the wire or make a connection then you know some kind of signal is getting through, so the input jack is probably fine.. Perhaps it's something damaged in the power output stage of the circuit? It might not even be that severe. The master volume pot might be damaged and somehow "stuck" at a low volume if not almost off, it could be any number of things really
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Yeah, sorry. I wasn't trying to say you had a bad amp. It is def better than the later gen MGs. I'm just saying if it is doing that (and it has been sitting in a closet for 7 years) then it may not be worth trying to fix. You can try some of the ideas brought up, but chances are you need to just get a new amp.

We can help.

If you're serious.

For example - I got a used Vypyr 60 tube modeler for $300.
Thanks guys for your feedback. There's a tech in my area so I'll try taking it there tomorrow. I'll post back once I get some feedback from them