Has anyone got the Wampler Hot Wired V2? I just bought one last week for my new pedalboard after seeing Simon McBride (an Irish rock/blues player) with one and fell in love with the sound, and seeing a million demos of it.

The channels independently are f***ing awesome for bluesy overdrive and hard rock distortion, and the two together give some absolutely stunning lead tones. But I'm faced with a serious problem...

There's a little bit of hum from the distortion channel, which I've fixed with my MXR Smart Gate set to it's lowest which cancels the hum but without compromise sustain/volume/tone. But when I stack the two channels, it goes mental! When I'm playing the hissing subsides mostly, and only seems to kick in when I'm no longer playing.

I use all this on a true bypass looper, so I can just turn off the loop that controls the Hot Wired to get rid of the noise, but you can still hear this hissing if there's any kind of rest in a solo or something.

Does anyone else have this same problem, or some kind of remedy?

I guess I can just use the channels independently, but the stacked lead sound is so goooood
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