Use an amp that is suited for what you want to do, it will sound much better
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High gain tube amp meant for the job will sound better but you often have just one sound and there is only so much EQing can change it.

A clean tube amp and variety of pedals will be more versatile. Get bored of one sound? Switch to another pedal. However modelers like Pod HD have improved a lot so investing to one instead of myriad of different pedals might be a wiser choice if versatility you are after.

Personally I prefer amps. To me pedals always sound so small, they lack the balls and power a good amp, solid state or tube, can provide (though to be honest, i have not heard that many pedals yet). I like modelers though my old Pod X3 is quite fizzy when connected to clean power amp but this is something later Pod models apparently have improved on.

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If you only need one thing from your amp then I'd go high gain no pedals. Life is more simple if your amp does what you need without pedals. If you need good clean tone too then then I'd go with a valve amp that has great clean tone and then get distortion from pedals. I've heard ok clean tone from high gain valve amps but I'm never heard great clean tone from them. I have heard great high gain sounds come from a clean super reverb with a compressor and distortion/overdrive pedal in front.
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I use an Ampeg GVT52-112 for its amazing clean channel, then I run a Dr. Boogey pedal to get Dual Rectifier-style high gain tones from it.
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high gain tube amp for me. and put up with the cleans. assuming high gain is my main priority.
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