I'm trying to perfect my playing of Laid to Rest by Lamb of God but the intro riff's pinch harmonics are sketchy. I'm ok at pinch harmonics but I can't do them quickly like the song demands.

The problem seems to be that, as I play, my pick kind of goes to different positions in my hand and that can lead to unfavorable positions for doing pinch harmonics. Also, my thumb seems to be touching the string (top 6th string) too much so it's making the pinch harmonic less pronounced.

The part I'm trying to do is at 0:08 on this song

Some tips for improving on this, and pinch harmonics in general are appreciated.
not so much for that song, but in general wide vibrato alongside pinches makes them really scream.
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Just work on holding onto your pick, timing the action of the picking hand with your other hand, and strumming at the optimal spot on the string for your pickups/guitar
For the second riff in Laid to Rest you have to find the "sweet spot" on the 6th string to match the pitch of the pinch harmonic in the riff. When you find it, practice the riff while concentrating on the exact position where you have to pick to achieve that sound.

I have a 25.5 scale Schecter, and when I play that riff I can nail the pitch by picking the note over my neck humbucker (around the middle of the pickup).

Tips for pinch harmonics in general:

Depending on the position you execute pinch harmonics, you can get different notes/pitches. Learning these positions can give you better control over the technique. (Basically what I said above for the riff in question, but as more of a general advice).

In relation to that, pinch harmonics work like natural harmonics do - there are certain "sweet spots" where there are clearly defined notes, but instead of an open string you have a fretted note so the "sweet spots" move up accordingly.
For example, you could fret a note and play the pinch harmonic 5,7 and 12 frets higher to achieve harmonics.
This technique also works with a clean tone and gives a similar sound to natural harmonics.

Hope some of this made sense, I've only recently started approaching harmonics this way and English is not my first language.
Hope it helps.


Although the lesson is in French, watch the part at 8:52 where he talks and demonstrates his use of pinch harmonics. You'll see how the sound changes when he moves the picking position around.


Also, Alex Skolnick explains everything I said much better, since most of the stuff I wrote in this post was influenced by these two videos
One thing that really helped me was switching to a smaller pick. I started out using a fender medium standard celluloid pick. I switched to a dunlop jazz 3 1.14 millimeter and its helped a ton with pinch harmonics and speed in general