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Here is something I put together yesterday.
A bit of thrash, death, doom and whatnot.

Let me know what you think - will return the favor of course!

The Waking Hours

That's pretty cool! It has the deathcore vibe during the halftime/breakdown style parts, but the main verses and lyrics are pretty traditional death metal. Great jam! Here's my piece. Maybe you can give me some feedback?

Nice track man. The guitars are nice and fat and evil sounding - as are the vocals.

The solo confused me - it sounds a little cheesey but in a strange way that actually made it all the more satisfying to listen to. Either way it leads into the end section well and doesnt sound bad.

I would say that, on the headphones I was using, the cymbals were a little too aggressive - too much high end - it made it a little savage on the ears.

Other than that it sounded damn good.

If you fancy checking my efforts out my latest track is here - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1644870

Thanks man, will totally check your stuff out. I know what you are saying about the solo, I put some chorus and delay on it and double tracked it. Made it sound almost like a cheap keyboard. Not sure about it at all. Again, many thanks.
Sick! Did you do all the instruments and vocals? If so, your vocals are good dude! Guitar playing is tight and heavy, I like it!

The solo sounds good in the song and really makes a nice transition between the heavier part and the more melodic part of the song.

Check my Soundcloud here if you want to, I've got a lot of thrash and death metal on it :-)
Many thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! Especially happy for the comment on my vocals as I am just learning….

Will definitely check your work out!

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