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https://soundcloud.com/matthewcox-3 New progressive metal song, comments/ suggestions much appreciated. Thanks

Great composition man. Keep up the good work! Love the harmonies towards the end. Maybe you can give me some feedback on my new jam. The first half is a little on the technical side, but I think you'll really dig the second half! Take care

Nice man, the beginning had some Dream Theater influence by the sounds of it. Are those drums programmed? Really dig the eq on all instruments. Sick work \m/
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Nice man, the beginning had some Dream Theater influence by the sounds of it. Are those drums programmed? Really dig the eq on all instruments. Sick work \m/

Thanks man! Yea, the drums are programmed with EZdrummer Metal Foundry and some eq/fx in Pro Tools. I'm so glad you dig the mix. Truthfully, I feel mixing is my weakest skill. I equate it to not knowing what something looks like but trying to find it in a messy house lol.
I feel the drums on this song are just a tad too loud... Might be a preference thing, but I'd really like if you could hear the guitar more. I would have liked more of an experimental thing, but I guess I expected too much when I saw the Progressive Metal tag
Keep going, sounds promising.
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Very good composition and nicely played as well. The drums sound a little flat and lacking in power and the guitar tone sounds a bit too stomp boxy for the chords/chugging sections (personal preference of course).

I would be seriously happy if I could create parts that interesting and complimentary.

Your other track (Divided Path) also sounded good.

This is my stuff if you fancy having a look. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1644870

Hey Matt, I'm going to try and give section by section feedback. It's only my opinion and even if I sound snarky or critical I don't mean to be rude cuz I actually do like the song and I wouldn't give my opinion if I didn't feel like I enjoyed it enough to talk about it, but I could think of many places where there could be improvement.

1. This isn't prog metal really, it's closer to groove metal. For prog, it needs to have more diverse sections and more non-standard chord progressions and time signatures. This is not a bad thing and I'm not being a elitist snob for no reason, I love me some groove. It sounds like Devildriver, and that's a band I like, so it's okay. But if you really want to make it more proggy, read on...

2. I love the first minute or so. But I think at 1:12, you could extend the riff and add another couple of bars of a similar pattern but with a different root note, maybe something lower to give a more resolving breakdown feel before you enter into the section that starts 1:15. It would be unexpected and would be more prog. The section from 1:15-1:25 is great, but you've played it before in the song, maybe change it up just a bit. A few notes, a little lick at the end or something. Keeping it fresh.

3. The part starting 1:39 is what I have the most problem with. It's pretty basic and unoriginal. Instead of going higher - like, I don't know which key you're in and I don't have a guitar around but you're going D5 E5 F5 , which is not very interesting. There's scope for really making this a heavy breakdown. Go lower, add a little dissonance. Use a D#5 if you're in the key of D.

4. The lead starting at 1:49 could be better too. I like the DT, Iron Maiden feel that you have going there with the harmonization and everything but it's lacking the pull factor that would grab you and make you hum along to it. First, take that lead and then and switch a few notes around every time you loop it. Then, just close your eyes and try to hum the lead to yourself. This is the best test to see if your lead is memorable or not. If you can hum it to yourself and enjoy it then you have a winner. It should give you goosebumps when you play it in your head.

5. The harmonization needs work. It's not adding anything to the mix, I haven't checked but is it just octaves? Try using different notes to get a more minor tone feeling. Sorry, but it needs more character. I wish I could show you what I was jamming/humming along to it while I was listening to it haha.

6. Same comment about the section starting 2:30, it's a breakdown, make it go DOWN. your chord progression is still resolving to a chord above, and it's not feeling like the section accomplished anything, if you know what I mean. It needs to go places, pull you down and then lift you right back up for the chorus. Hope that makes sense.

7. The 2:49-2:51 part. Just no. You don't need it. The break just before it is enough. You could play around with some harmonized lead notes in this section when you're going all DUN DUN DUN DUN.

Listen to this for more ideas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hB75rvrv5YA

That's the kind of stuff I feel you want to make. Get inspired!

IF you're into orchestral film score type music, check out my songs: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1645724

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