I've been playing guitar for about 7 years and bass for about a year. And have been playing in bands and performing for a few years. I'm wanting to start drums, my main genre is metal and that's what I write so that's what I want to get into.

The main requirement: I need an electronic drum kit
Why? Because I need to be able to control the volume and also it makes recording and transporting gear much easier. Not negotiable.

I'm looking for something affordable (willing to spent up to around $500 max, maybe can push it to $650, but looking for the most affordable kit possible)

Like I said, I'm into metal, and therefore I would need a kit with a double pedal. I'll obviously need all the main 'parts' (Snare, mounted toms and floor tom), and as for cymbals, well I'm not sure how E drums work, but I know that I'll be needing a China, crash, hi-hat, ride, and maybe a splash.

So... what I need help with:
Choosing a drum kit (Affordable, double pedal, cymbals)

Now I don't need a kit with 20 cymbals, just 1 of each will do. SO I hope that's all enough info. Thanks in advance
Well i had bought a simmons sd7k on craigslist for like 120. I would suggest buying two complete kits off craigslist and buying a amp with two inputs so you can run two modules into it. Or get a splitter for a single input amp. And good reliable kits. Yamaha is really good and cheaper. OR you could buy a kit online brand new. But simmons and yamaha are good brands i can attest to. I even got a cheap ion kit to add to mine which i bought for 80 bucks on CL that ive had no problems from. Pedals gonna cost you too. But some kits come with (electric pedals) that plug in but screw those things i bought a dw 3000 double pedal.
ddrum DD1-KIT-1 Complete Electronic Drum Kit with Earbuds, Cables Drumsticks

This is pretty nice. It has good reviews and it comes with everything i think on Amazon. Its $500
Oh yeah. Extra toms and cymbals and some back up pads just in case. But the cool thing is. You can literally go to radio shack, buy a piezo transducer, solder it to a 1/4inch female jack, and glue it to a few paper plates and you got yourself an electronic drum pad. But that shit looks ghetto lol