I am looking for monitor speakers to play guitar through my POD HD 500 and to also play music from my computer/ipod.

I know I'd like it to have an XLR output system for my POD HD 500.

I know I'd like to get a pair of monitor speakers.


I want to purchase it off of Amazon because I have a $50 gift card there.
I want to buy new.
My budget is absolutely no higher than $120 (college really drains funds )


Other than that, I don't know what to really look for. Any advice would be greatly appreciated on what I should look for or avoid. Thank you!
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There's not a single pair of monitors I can think of in that range that are even remotely worth buying. Only chance of getting something decent is to go used, otherwise, I'd just buy the best desktop speakers you can afford.
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Could you maybe get one used yamaha HS5 for that money?

I second the lack of even half good monitor speakers in that budget.
If you just want stuff, get expensive computer speakers.
If you want good sounding stuff, wait and get more money.
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For my money these are the best "cheap ass" powered monitors available. They are very placement dependent so move them around until you get a good bass tone. Definitely worth $120.

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