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Voters: 9.

Indeed, covers.

This week we have, covers.

Check out these, covers.

Or these, covers:
I was gonna put a mildly erotic picture here of a woman lying on a bed, butt fukit.

She had a corset.
And was quite voluptuous.
That pic's quite hot actually.

Also, next week it's "Free Week". You can submit any song you've been working on without the usual one week time constraint. Think of it as an incentive to finish a song!, covers.

The objective of this thread is to vote on the cover you like the most, but remember: don't base your vote on the quality of the recording, base it on the content.

Here they are:

1 - "Medo de Mim (Deolinda cover)" (Minicaxotinho)

2 - "Age Of Oppression (Malukah cover)" (Scarmadillo)

3 - "Idioteque (Radiohead cover)" (whywefight, FoOltz, FlipComplex)

4 - "Blackbird (Alter Bridge cover)" (nico_9550)

5 - "Black Out Days (Phantogram cover)" (chev311e)

Here is last week's most voted ORIGINAL song, from chev311e, it's the song "Last Today"!

If you too want to become a better songwriter/gigolo consider joining our group (http://groups.ultimate-guitar.com/mozartfactory/), all the info you need to join this weekly "contest" is there.

The votes will be counted this Monday. The winner of this week's voting will become a mod in our group.

Meet the smartest cow in the world. She has a plan... And a male voice...

Check out last week's thread here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1644725


Edit: The voting is over! This week's winners are whywefight, FoOltz and FlipComplex with the song "Idioteque (Radiohead cover)", with 4 votes!
(They'll be mods in our group, until the next voting)

In second place, and the runner-up, chev331e with the song "Black Out Days (Phantogram cover)", with 3 votes!

Thank you all for voting (and participating)!
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I'd like to order one of those Playboy covers please.
Dance in the moonlight my old friend twilight

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What's this about ****ing corpses? My UG senses were tingling.
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Love the choice of song by wwf/fooltz/flip

Yeah I joke suggested it and we ended up doing it haha.

I listened to yours after you uploaded it and its pretty awesome. Will listen to the rest when I get a chance
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I am disappoint. Expected a ton of participants

Yeah me too
I'll listen to the songs tomorrow
I got really busy and couldn't finish mine, sorry.
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How are you so fucking awesome at music?

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I got really busy and couldn't finish mine, sorry.

Me and semi also got really busy and couldn't even start ours.

EDIT: Right now I'm listening to the originals that I don't know (all except one).

EDIT2: Ok, I heard the originals and the covers now. Went with Scarmadillo. Chev's was also really good.
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Quote by whywefight
Yeah I joke suggested it and we ended up doing it haha.

I listened to yours after you uploaded it and its pretty awesome. Will listen to the rest when I get a chance

Thanks man, I really enjoyed yours.

Also doesn't the girl for Phantogram have like the most attractive dance moves?
I may be tempted to do something for the next one, but it will be a cover, because I started half of it a few days ago while bored and wanting to try out a different vocal style. Guess I'll have to check this group out you have going on Gonna check these entries out later on decent speakers.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
The covers weeks will be once in every compilation album cycle, so you might have to wait until July or something to have your cover featured in a thread.
Ah fair enough, might do that then. Gives me a chance to get over cough anyway.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.