Picked up this 1953 Guild X-350 Stratford today. Absolutely gorgeous guitar with tons of mojo. The condition is pretty solid for a 60 year old axe. Action is perfect, really easy to play. Sounds great unplugged, but really comes to life with those vintage P-90's. And how about that push-button control panel? So smooth..!

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wow, definitely tons of mojo! I'd be afraid to play a 60 years old guitar, I wouldn't want to ruin it. What's the function of those switches? 3 to turn the pickups on and off, what about the other 3?

that guitar is like falling in love with a stripper
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Extraordinary. You don't see these everyday. Major congratulations on your acquisition.

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Wow,It's in excellent condition!Congrats!I bet you could get some sweet blues and jazz tones out of her.
Beautiful guitar man! many congrats! HNGD
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That is awesome
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Thanks guys. The buttons are all for different configurations. From what I can tell, the first three are neck, mid, and bridge. The next three are for a combo of mid + neck, mid +bridge, and I think all 3? I gotta fiddle with it some more.

Sweet NGD!
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wow excellent
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That guitar is so cool it could solve Al Gore's global warming crisis just by opening it's case!