I like the way the verse turns into the chorus without much transition; it fits really well with the chill vibe of the song. I like the addition of the horns later on, as well. I think you could write a better outro, though.

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I loved the feel of it - great guitar tone and rhythm playing! The vocals could have been mixed better, but the playing was awesome!

I love your main melody and your approach to the rhythm. The drums also add to it nicely - nice rhythms!

I liked your solo near the end, but I would have loved to hear the guitar solo be more prominent in the mix. Great track overall!

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Liking the harmonies and the fact that there's two different voices that take on the verses. Addition of horns towards the end is also nice, but perhaps the drop out at the 1.30 mark building up into the outro loses a bit of the song's momentum. Overall it's a good track though!

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Absolutely loved the main riff, the intro is very catchy and the drums add up very well, give a nice flow and vibe to the song.

I liked the vocals, powerful in the chorus, but a little too quiet in my opinion during the verse, but still a great job, good technique and great melody.

In my opinion, the outro is good but not as great as the rest of the song, maybe find a more powerful ending ? Great tune overall, really enjoyed it ! =)
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First, great artwork.

Nice riffing and also tone. Nice vocal trade off's to. This is well performed and is a good creative blend of talented musicians.

Unfortunately it did not hold my attention to the end this time around. It just got a little repetitive. But that is just my opinion.

I like the sound and this has good potential.

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