I'm trying to decide on 2 guitars One is Schecter damien elite - and the other is a Schecter blackjack sls c-1. The differences is set vs bolt on and one has locking tuners and the other does not. There is $300 price difference, so are these optiona worth 300? I want a great guitar, but will I reget getting the cheaper one?
They also have different pickups. SD Blackouts AHB-1 vs EMG 81/85. If you prefer one over the other.
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All things being equal, I think if you feel like you might regret getting the cheaper one chances are, you probably will. $300 difference isn't really a huge financial step to a better guitar either. IMO the blackjack sls on paper is a better guitar and when it comes to spending more when choosing between the same brand to me its a no brainer.

I would also say try playing both, because I'm a firm believer that you'll be able to tell which one feels right once its in your hands. FWIW I would personally take the blackjack sls