Hi I have a question about my saddle:

I don't know what happened but when i saw my saddle it was slightly raised. is it damaged or what? if ever its damaged, how can i fix it? what store do usually do the job for that? btw im from manila-philippines. please see the attached file for the image.

Please Help me. thanks!
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It's very common and very easy to fix but you have to have the right tools. The bridge needs removed, old glue scraped off, and re-glued to the guitar. If somebody brought it to me to fix I'd do it for about 30 quid or $40 US. It should be cheap to fix. If luthiers in your area are quoting insane prices then it might be worth gluing it on yourself.

To remove the bridge just heat a spatula over a burner and then pry it under the bridge and it should pop right off. To attach the bridge you will need to buy some Original titebond or Evostick in Europe. Don't get titebond II, III, Or anything waterproof. After you have gotten your glue buy 4 M3 bolts a couple inches long and get washers for wing nuts and regular nuts. This plus a small peice of wood is all you need to make your own clamp which looks like this

The two middle bolts thread through your bridge pin holes and pull the bridge down. The outer 2 bolts are pushing down the the outer wings of the bridge. The wing nuts are to snugly (not tight) fasten the middle bolts while the regular nuts are used on the outer two bolts. They are under the piece of so that when you screw down the outer bolts they have something to clasp onto. The washer go under the soundboard to give grip to the 2 screw heads on the inside of your guitar

If you don't need to do it yourself I wouldn't but if the price of fixing it more than you can afford, fixing it yourself will only cost about $15 in glue, bolts, and wood. You glue it on, leave it to dry over night and all is well in the morning
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Just a question.
Is that a Fender CD-60 Acoustic? And is that original or Premium Copy?
Also before you had that issue how long have you been using the guitar?