For a present I got some acoustic strings for my guitar. But I only have an electric guitar. Would I be able to use them on my electric all the same? If I can is there any drastic changes between strings, Besides the obvious things?
No they're not suitable for use on an electric guitar.
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you can, but depending on what they are made of you might not get any sound (when plugged in)
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You can use them but they won't work well. Acoustic strings have less steel and more bronze. Steel is what your electric guitar pickup will be able to "hear" which is part of the reason why they don't use the same pickups for acoustic as they do for electric. Acoustic strings also have higher string tension when tuned to pitch so everything is tighter which is NOT what electric players want. All and all, acoustic strings are used on acoustic guitar for a reason while electric guitar strings are used on electric guitar for a reason. They can be interchangeable but the results of the flip flop won't usually be desirable.
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In theory, you can, provided that they are the same gauge. If they are steel strings, then you shouldn't have a problem. If they are nylon, then they will still work, you just won't get any sound through the pickups.

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